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2004 MERC BENZ SPRINTER (P/VAN) 308 CDI AMB RRS764GP 283259 61198770018808 WDF9036622A919857

Shipping info:

Shipping info

Terms and conditions This auction is conducted in accordance with the General and Specific Rules of Auction, as defined by Tirhani Auctioneers.

To bid on this auction the Bidder participation form (Found in the Auction Listing Tab) plus the proof of payment of the applicable refundable deposit, must be completed, signed and emailed or faxed to the Tirhani Auctioneers office to have your bidder number allocated and enabled for this auction.

Should the Bidder not be successful the deposit will be refunded to the Bidder within 36 hours after the closing of this auction.

The successful Bidder must remove ALL purchases by the date and time stipulated in the Specific Rules of Auction.