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CHEV Aveo 1.6 2011 ND 179 747 F16D38078261 KLITJ5C62BB182807 43657

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Shipping info

Terms and conditions

This auction is conducted in accordance with the General and Specific Rules of Auction, as defined by Tirhani Auctioneers.

To bid on this auction the Bidder participation form (Found in the Auction Listing Section) plus the proof of payment of the applicable refundable deposit, must be completed, signed and emailed or faxed to the Tirhani Auctioneers office to have your bidder number allocated and enabled for this auction.

Should the Bidder not be successful the deposit will be refunded to the Bidder within 36 hours after the closing of this auction.

Deposit may NOT be used towards the payment. Will only be refunded once all the lots have been removed by the specified date.

A vehicle that is called a “RUNNER” does not necessarily drive. For the purposes of the auction the definition of a “RUNNER” as refers to a vehicle, is a vehicle that starts and that is all. All vehicles are sold “voetstoots” as contemplated in clause 3.8 of the General Rules of Auction. The seller has no duty to repair. It is the BUYERS responsibility to determine the condition, mileage, year model etc of each vehicle.
Please Note that the Vehicle Registration/Deregistration Papers will be available for collection 14 days after the close of the auction. Completed Notification of Change of Ownership form with the relevant ID copy and FICA documents must be completed and submitted. Once this information is verified and correct, the documents will be issued.